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We help brands leverage the power of video, by increasing their brand awareness, building rapport with their target audience, and clarifying their message.


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Are we the right fit?

Visuals are the future of marketing.
Do you want your company to prosper in this digital age? We can help with that!


You are a busy person

You don't have time for hours and days on end spent editing videos, but we do it so simply at Melo Multimedia because our goal is YOUR SUCCESS - not only as a business owner or brand; rather someone who wants their name out there online and making an impactful first impression through video content creation.

Don't work with us if you're not ready for business growth.

Raise Brand Awareness 

With the internet traffic shifting heavily towards video, it is more important than ever for businesses to have videos online.  What if you never saw any of these companies' products in action?
A lot can change based on just one quick clip talking about your services or product.

Educate + Convert

Educating an already researched potential client that you are the right choice can massively impact your video ROI. That is why we focus on sales videos that tell your brand story, that enlighten and convert website visitors to fans. 

Build Trust + Create a Personal Connection

You know that feeling when you read a review online and it sounds so authentic? You want to see how others felt about their experience with the product or service before making your decision. Well, video testimonials create this same personal connection because people can watch someone else use what they are thinking of buying in order to engage through visuals!

Clarify your Process + Increase Productivity

 With video, you can provide your target audience with a better understanding of what it takes to buy from you and get rid of any friction in their buying cycle. You'll also have an opportunity for increased efficiency as videos serve as 24/7 salespeople online!

Our video work

The process to make videos is simple


First, we determine we are the right fit for each other with a discovery call, you will also be asked to fill out our discovery form.


We find out what challenges your business is facing, what are your goals and we both agree on a video marketing strategy and pricing.



Once you have made your initial deposit and the contract is signed. We collaboratively execute our video production plan together. 

Ongoing Support

 We will give you the distribution strategy in a PDF as well as our video lessons, that will help you get the most out of your asset. 

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