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Videos start with you

You know that the first step to growth is getting intentional about your online presence and marketing strategy. You've got a lot on deck, so you need help recovering time--clarifying who YOU are as an individual or company in order for people to see what makes them special!

We understand that building your social media following, solidifying your brand, working with clients, AND needing to consistently push out content can be time-consuming and draining. Running your own business requires you to use your time effectively. Melo Multimedia is here to help you reclaim some of your time and energy so that you can work more efficiently and get back to doing the things in your business that you truly enjoy.

Our video production company values





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How we serve our clients

Our company is all about relationships.

We produce high-quality videos that are engaging for your audience so they engage with your brand story. Our goal? To help small businesses get noticed online through full-service video production services tailored just right around what you need most; whether it be social media marketing campaigns or website conversion.

We're a video production company based in the Twin Cities, Minnesota with 5 years of professional experience.  

With our full video production service, we create high-quality content that helps you get noticed.

We offer branded videos curated for social media and the web. Including:


  • Brand Story Videos

  • How-to-videos

  • Commercials

  • Customer testimonials

  • Sit-down interviews

  • Product demonstration videos.

  • Promo videos

By fully understanding your products and services, we work to become an extension of your brand. We’re able to create an authentic and powerful experience for your client base. Our aim is to cultivate relatable and eye-catching experiences that connect you with your audience while keeping your goals and objectives in mind.


At Melo Multimedia LLC, we’re hyper-focused on the details, providing reliable and fantastic customer service while constantly offering easy and transparent communication. Our mission is to tell the right story, to the right audience, with the perfect video.


Jerome Serra is a video producer/ strategist and founder of Melo Multimedia LLC. Born in the Dominican Republic, he began creating content at just 16 years old.  Making parkour videos with his friends to post on YouTube. In 2012, intrigued by the idea of creating content and wanting to explore his creativity, Jerome purchased his first DSLR camera and taught himself everything he could about photography.


In 2016, Jerome relocated to Minnesota to pursue a career as a filmmaker. He attended Hennepin Technical College where he earned a degree as a video production specialist. Jerome began working in the industry immediately after graduation and now has over 5 years of experience working in film and media.


He’s provided his services as a crew member on a variety of sets including:


  • Commercial

  • Corporate

  • Features

  • Short films

  • Live concerts

  • Podcasts

Skilled in storytelling, lighting, he’s multitalented and well versed in every aspect of video production.


In 2020, Jerome founded Melo Multimedia LLC to help entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level. With a focus on small and mid-size companies alike, Melo Multimedia uses strategic video marketing aimed at helping business owners use the power of video to stay relevant, hit their goals, and expand their reach.

Want to see if we are the right match for each other?  Fill out our discovery form.

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